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Nashville, Tennessee!

We arrived in Nashville, Tennessee at the beginning of July just a few days after the 4th. This was a city I always wanted to go to but never managed to make to until then. I knew the city was full of bars and country music but other than that, I didn't know just how GREAT this city is. On the first day we struggled to find parking for the bus close to downtown and had to settle with a 15 minute walk. On our first walk around the city, we left Canela in the bus with the AC on so we were able to do a little bar hoping down the main strip.

We both were so surprised by not only how many bars there was, but more surprised that each bar was two to four stores tall! PLUS with live country

music on nearly every floor of the bars. We went to Kid Rock's Bar, Florida Georgia Line's, and Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Beer is definitely pricey in the city. A simple Corona beer was about $9 everywhere we went.

For dinner on our first night and for lunch the second day we had tacos both times. Not a surprise for us. We found the first taco restaurant on a whim and let me tell you. IT WAS GREAT. The restaurant was called Bakersfield, just two blocks off the main strip. We walked in and sat down right away, had great service, and the food came out fast. Sadly, we don't have pictures of them... I know. We're sorry.

For lunch the next day we went to a famous local small restaurant called Mas Tacos. The reviews of this place is great so we were excited. Don't get me wrong, they weren't bad. HOWEVER, after having Bakersfield tacos first, the winner was clear. Below are the tacos we ordered from Mas Tacos. The fried avocado tacos were pretty dang good.

After tacos we went Bearded Iris Brewing and had a few good beers, be sure to check them out. After, we found parking close to the city and brought Canela on a walk to see the downtown area. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she loves walking down busy streets. (Note: the purple thing around her mouth is just a collar that keeps her from pulling hard, leader collar. It's not a muzzle. It does not hurt her.)

On our last morning in the great city of Nashville we went to The Parthenon. We were actually able to sleep in a parking lot close by overnight. There were signs that said two hour max parking, but the parking lot was not monitored at night and we had no problems. We're not the biggest history nerds by any means, but we both found The Parthenon very interesting. To enter is only $10 per adult and takes about 30 to an hour to walk through. Dogs are not allowed inside so Canela stayed behind in the bus with the AC on.

After The Parthenon we went to a local park for a few hours to work and then got on the road to head south. Overall, we both loved this city and will be stopping through again we're sure.

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